About Certainly

Making ecommerce personal.

Certainly is a Conversational AI Platform made for ecommerce and customer service. Through our next-generation technology, companies are able to deliver exceptional experiences and scale their growth.

Changing the Conversation

We represent the evolution of chatbots, through a fundamentally new way of thinking, doing and designing e-commerce and user experiences.

Too many AI platforms provide you the solutions they think you need, without understanding your painpoints.

We listen to your needs, and help bring the communication between systems and humans back to being on human terms.

We want to support businesses by reducing inefficiency and delivering awesome e-commerce and support experiences that build customer lifetime value.Tell me more!

On a journey to become the global leader of Conversational Commerce.

20+ nationalities

Represented in our team

50+ employees

Working around the world

10+ years of experience

In Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The default choice for the conversational web. Certainly.

We are on a mission to help businesses build awesome user experiences through personalized, intelligent virtual assistants.

We want to fix how companies communicate digitally with people by building a truly interactive experience, based on conversation instead of clicks.

Our story

Certainly's inherent meaning is a positive answer.

We knew from the start that we could offer more than just AI chatbots to our customers.

We could shape the ecommerce industry in a positive way, putting the focus onto the users.

BotXO took its name from the intersection of technology (the 'Bot' bit) and humans (the 'XO' bit - meaning 'hugs and kisses'). One of our core values has always been to use technology to be on human terms. But we realised one thing.

People kept getting our name wrong. Botoxo. Botxox. You name it. We heard it...

That's when we decided to change our name.

Our name

An answer that indicates a level of skill and service which exceeds expectations. Exactly like our Platform and products. Crafting extraordinary experiences.

Imagine the competitive advantage of actual customer understanding. Instead of trends and assumptions.

Now you might ask. Is that even possible?

Then we might answer.


Our values

Our company is built on teamwork. We value diversity, talent, and grit over pedigree.

We believe in the synergy between technology and humans, to achieve the best results when working together.

Our leadership

Henrik FabrinHenrik FabrinCEO and Co-founder
Darío RodríguezDarío RodríguezCTO and Co-founder