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The number one AI chatbot platform using conversations to maximize profits and boost efficiencies for ecommerce brands? Certainly.

A screenshot of the Certainly business reporting tool.
A screenshot of the Certainly integrations for Instagram, Zendesk Support, Gorgias, Salesforce, Shopify, Sunshine conversations, DHL, Klaviyo, and Hubspot.
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Certainly is trusted by leading ecommerce brands around the globe

Why is Certainly the #1 solution
for ecommerce?

The Certainly Platform is built from the ground up with ecommerce in mind. With our half a decade’s experience working with pure-play brands and hybrid stores, we know online sales inside and out.

A Certainly chatbot asking "Want to find out why Certainly is the best chatbot for ecommerce?" over a screenshot of an ecommerce store page. The words "Industry knowledge", "ecommerce focused AI", and "Bespoke data" float around it.
Deep industry knowledge

By focusing on ecommerce, we understand the specific needs of online merchants

Ecommerce focused AI

Our proprietary AI comes with premade templates and intents for 90% of the most common customer queries

Bespoke data

We understand your customers’ needs, and have millions of conversations with users worldwide to build from

The AI chatbot platform that
all your teams

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Boost Average Order Value by 20%

Introduce an AI salesperson that intelligently recommends products, reduces returns, and upsells to your ecommerce store.

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Deflect 50% of support tickets

Answer customer queries at scale and encourage self-service in over one hundred languages with 24/7 automated service.

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Collect valuable customer data

Gain millions of insights on your customers, from buying habits to frequently asked questions, through easy-to-understand in-platform reporting.

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Drive customer activation 

Keep your online store visitors coming back for more with humanlike conversations, fun quizzes, and games.

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A Certainly chatbot asking if a customer needs assistance completing their checkout. A Certainly chatbot completing a “Where’s my order” customer query. A Certainly chatbot collecting customer feedback about desired product materials. An SMS conversation where a Certainly bot informs customers about a prize draw.

AI built for ecommerce,
by LLMs

A graphic showing how the Certainly NLU parses a message from a user, sends it to an LLM, which then generates the repsonse.
A smiling woman buys a watch with the help of a Certainly AI chatbot.

Have engaging conversations with your customers using our propriety, ecommerce focused Natural Language Understanding (NLU), supplemented with integration to Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

Contextual understanding to avoid user frustration

NLU to always understand your customers

LLM integration for unique, humanlike responses

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Nik Sharma CEO Sharma brands

“95% of customer service inquiries for one of our customers were solved with Certainly. Oh, and the AOV of customers who used Certainly's AI chatbot is 20% higher!”

Nik SharmaCEO, Sharma Brands

Seamless one-click

No-code template integrations for business users and hyper-flexible APIs for developers.

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Features for every stage of
the customer journey

One-click multilingual

Chat with customers in their preferred language out-of-the-box


Certainly multilingual. 3 chats saying "where is my order" in Ukrainian, German, and French.
Go live in days

With templated flows and pre-built intents, time-to-live has never been faster


A screenshot of the Certainly bot templates, the NLU trainer, and a product from Joseph Joseph.

higher conversion rate


increase in CS efficiency


languages supported

Data for everyone

In-platform reporting ranging from granular message insights to high-level business reports


A screenshot of the Certainly traffic, message, and business reporting.
Let your brand shine

Endless customization possibilities for your widget and chatbot tone of voice


A screenshot of the Certainly widget styling, overlayed by a customized chatbot widget.

Smooth handover to agents for the tickets that need a human touch

SMS, social media, email: reach your customers wherever they are with our omnichannel set-up

One-click multilingual

Chat with customers in their preferred language out-of-the-box


Certainly multilingual. 3 chats saying "where is my order" in Ukrainian, German, and French.

The perfect integration for Shopify merchants? Certainly

Bring the customer experience of your store to the next level with our plug-and-play Shopify integration.

A screenshot of a bot resolving a "Where's my order" query with the Shopify logo in the bottom right.
Fast set-up

Connect your Certainly chatbot to your Shopify account in seconds  

Understands your brand

From inventory to FAQs, your chatbot will know your store inside out 

Fits into your tech stack

Native integrations to your helpdesk, CRM, and support channels

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to our customers!

Take a look at what our customers say, from fashion brands driving efficiencies in their customer service to snack food brands boosting conversions. 

Meet our customers

“Any company that wants to develop a brand voice and boost revenue, ecommerce and D2C, I would highly recommend Certainly.”

Jess Cervellon, Head of Customer Experience, Feastables
Jess Cervellon
Head of Customer Experience, Feastables
Marketing image from MrBeast's Feastables with MrBeast and a lot of chocolate bars. The logo for Feastables is over the top.

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