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A ready-to-use database of 24.000+ sentences and 1 billion variations. Easy implementation. The fastest time-to-value on the market.

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Daniel Wellington
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Provide first-level support 24/7

Immediately resolve customer queries related to complaints, product returns, refunds, tracking & tracing of orders.

Use Certainly to deliver end-to-end support, smooth handover to human agents and continued optimization based on insights from zero-party data you gather through automated conversations.

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Leading companies are transforming their Customer Service with Certainly

"The onboarding process was a positive experience. The switch from DialogFlow to Certainly happened smoothly. The AIO team have very good communication with the team at Certainly and can collaborate on the product."

Regin Jensen

"The faster our response time is, the better our customer satisfaction. Our customer satisfaction was about 70% before we got the bot. Today it is 92%. That's a number that we are extremely proud of and that we would do anything to maintain."

Nadin Kempel Sigh
Customer Care Manager, Tiger Of Sweden
Tiger Of Sweden

"Our customers actually think that they are talking to a live person. Because we have built in a 3000 millisecond response time in between answers. So, all of our customers think that they are talking to a person. Which is kind of funny. They have no idea that it's a bot."

Jesper Langberg Thomsen
Customer Service Manager, Visma

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Customer Support that rocks your socks

Integrate with all your existing tools
Connect, sync data and automate workflows with over 30+ different integrations including Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify and Zapier.See all integrations
Speak the language of your customers
Create multilingual support chatbots so both your global and local customers are always cared for.The Certainly AI Engine understands any language and can reply in 14+ languages.Learn more
Scale Support without scaling costs
Provide faster answers and reduce manual actions.By providing answers 24/7 to the most common support queries & FAQs, you let your Customer Support bot take care of ticket deflection, while your human agents use their time to deliver most value to customers.
Keep improving through valuable insights
Stay ahead of what matters.Measure and continually improve your AI support chatbot performance with tailored analytics reports.