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Certainly and Gorgias partner up in creating an exceptional Ecommerce and Customer Service experience

Empower your company with Gorgias and start delivering an extraordinary customer service experience with one of the most popular helpdesk integrations.

With Gorgias and Certainly's Conversational AI solution, you can develop a Digital Twin of your best salesperson and provide your customers with everlasting value.


Certainly and Gorgias Full integration

Real-time handover

Gorgias is the #1 ecommerce helpdesk trusted by Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce merchants.

Using Gorgias will help you transform your customer support into a profit center. The benefits of Gorgias include:

All your customer service in one place: email, chat, phone, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, SMS.
Full integration with Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and many other ecommerce apps.
AI responses automating up to 15% of common support tickets.

Boost Gorgias effectiveness

Certainly and Gorgias Full integration

Ready to change the conversation? Certainly.

How can you benefit from Certainly’s integration with Gorgias?

Ensure exceptional customer service

Make an impact

Conversational Commerce ensures customer satisfaction and significantly lowers the number of product returns and cart abandonment.

SikSilk’s Conversational Chatbot solution helped the company increase their Average Order Value by +40%, Conversion Rate by +14%, and a number of customers reaching checkout by 31%.

Understand your customers

Your Conversational AI assistant enables you to gather data and allows you to get a better understanding of your customers and improve their on-site experience with customized messaging.

The customizable entity understands generic names, places, date and time order, alongside the company-specific data

And get the full customer picture in Gorgias:

Enhanced customer support

Ensure customer satisfaction by displaying all your customer’s data while chatting with them and modifying orders, refunds, and subscriptions on the spot.

Increase sales using conversations

Provide your customers with 24/7 support and assist them in finding the right product.

Get started in minutes

Connect your conversational AI chatbot to Gorgias in a matter of minutes and ensure customer excellence through our coherent integrations in only three steps.


Grab your Gorgias Widget integration and API token


Configure your Certainly chatbot


Deploy the solution on your site

TrustpilotTonni Buur Vice President of Global CX Services

"The good thing about using the Certainly platform is that we only need to maintain the English language. We then use Webhooks to scale it to support 8 languages without putting in a lot of effort."

Pakke.dkUlrik Kjaersgaard Larsen Founder and CEO

"Of course, we had great expectations of Certainly's starter kit – but not in our wildest imagination did we imagine that our new chatbot would halve our number of support tickets and relieve our customer service to the extent it does."