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Henrik Fabrin, Certainly's CEO, discusses his vision for the future of the internet, in which conversational commerce and AI chat leads the eCommerce shopping experience.

Certainly Launches New Vision, Focusing on the Autonomous WebRead more

Certainly co-founder and CEO Henrik Fabrin discusses the AI-powered future of the internet, in which he sees dialogue between humans and machines directing the digital customer experience.

Certainly's CEO Discusses the Future of the InternetRead more

Following a high level of interest from foreign investment funds, Certainly hopes generate funding to fuel further growth and market expansion.

Certainly Aim to Raise 150 million DKK in Funding in the Next Six MonthsRead more

Certainly aim to generate 150 million DKK of funding by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Certainly Hope to Secure Funding to Boost International SalesRead more

Co-founder and CEO of Certainly, Henrik Fabrin discusses how he got into entrepreneurship, and his motivation for starting Certainly, as well as Certainly's plans for the future following a 29 million DKK funding round.

Certainly's co-founder Henrik Fabrin discusses his road to entrepreneurshipRead more

With the help of artificial intelligence, the internet can become better at meeting the expectations of consumers when shopping in a webshop. A paradigm shift is on the way, according to Henrik Fabrin, co-founder of Danish software company, Certainly. His vision is to make the Internet a much better place to shop.

Danish Software Company Certainly Want to Make Smart WebshopsRead more

With a new vision for the autonomous web, scaleup company Certainly will reinvent the commercial internet with the innovative Conversational Commerce and AI Chat platform.

BotXO Rebrands as "Certainly", With a Shift in Focus to the Autonomous WebRead more

Tiger of Sweden has developed a new, smarter chatbot to help customers navigate their eCommerce platform. The chatbot (built via Certainly's conversational commerce solution), learns how to help customers based on their interactions with the site itself.

Fashion Retailer Tiger of Sweden Develop a Chatbot Using Certainly's PlatformRead more

On a journey to become the global leader of Conversational Commerce.

20+ nationalities

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50+ employees

Working around the world

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Certainly is an award-winning platform that aims to revolutionize e-commerce and customer service through Conversational AI.

Founded in 2017 under the name BotXO, the company has Danish and Spanish roots, has 50+ employees and serves customers across 17 countries.

Own Conversational AI technology allows communication across 14 languages (and counting!), with 24 000+ premade, industry-specific sentences to deliver natural conversations that delight users, increasing revenue and building lifetime value.

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