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Certainly: a preferred Zendesk partner for Ecommerce and Customer Service

Reap the benefits of our seamless Zendesk integration, improving the pre and post-purchase experience for both your customers and agents.

Use a Conversational AI chatbot for all first-line support, helping you drive ecommerce revenue, increase CSAT and boost productivity.


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Daniel Wellington
Tiger Of Sweden
The Fragrance Shop
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Supercharge your existing Zendesk set-up

Certainly and Zendesk Full integration

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Ready to change the conversation? Certainly.

What does the Certainly integration with Zendesk do for you?

Deliver unbeatable
ecommerce experiences

Cross- and up-sell

A Conversational Commerce framework helps deliver autonomous shopping experiences, learning from user intent to make intelligent cross-and-upselling suggestions.

The Fragrance Shop's Conversational AI chatbot handled 10.000+ queries on Black Friday without any human involvement.

Multilingual service at scale:

Our proprietary, state-of-the-art, multilingual AI is able to understand and act upon any language your customers speak, and we provide pre-built content in:

English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and more.

And frictionless support in Zendesk

Easy to integrate and customize

Connect with any 3rd party- or legacy data source with pre-made integrations.

In Siksilk's Zendesk HelpCenter their AI chatbot, handles 50% of all ticketswithout human input and achieves NPS results over +57%.

Simple ticket creation and handover

Automatically create, update and close tickets so your agents are free to spend their time on what matters most - building valuable customer relationships.

AboutYou uses Sunshine Conversations to help visitors track orders, suggest cross-selling options and pre-qualifying claims for human support.

Small steps, but a giant leap

You can connect your chatbot to Zendesk Chat, Support & Guide in minutes and enable next-level customer experience through our coherent integrations in only three steps.


Set up a new Agent - in the Zendesk Suite


Connect your chatbot - using the agent's credentials


Configure your chatbot - in Certainly's easy-to-use Bot Builder.

Want to see in action? Certainly.

Built with Zendesk users in mind.


Dedicated Integration with Zendesk Chat, Support, Guide, Sunshine Conversations, and more.


IT Security approved & complaint with GDPR, HIPAA FSA & SOC2.

API & Webhook

APIs and webhook templates for reporting, data sharing and easy integrations.


The Conversational AI understands all languages - with premade content available in more than 14 languages.

Always ready

Handles 1st line support, 24/7.

No Code

No- or low-code, custom integrations with 3rd party CRM, Product & ERP tools.

Tiger Of SwedenNadin Kempel Sigh Customer Care Manager

"We need a chatbot because it helps us to be available to our customers 24 hours a day. I would recommend anyone to sign up to Certainly"

SikSilkAna Etxebarria Customer Experience Officer

"I would highlight the ease of communication with your engineers when helping during the development and the fast responses Certainly have always provided."