Ecommerce Corner. Delivering premium customer experience during peak seasons

August 25, 2022
12 – 12:40 (BST) | 13 – 13:40 (CEST)
13:00 - 13:25 CEST

In this edition of Ecommerce Corner, Nadin Kempel Sigh, Head of Customer Service at Tiger of Sweden, and Richard James, Head of Digital at Rat & Boa, will be joining Marie-Claire to chat about how online fashion brands are preparing for peak seasons and their tips for making this chaotic time as smooth as possible.

Host is an AI Chatbot building SaaS platform for retail and e-commerce. Ecommerce corner is an online webinar for customer service insights.
Marie-Claire Silfer
Account Executive, Certainly


Certainly is an AI-driven Chatbots building solution for retail brands and eCommerce. E-commerce corner is an online webinar for customer success insights.
Richard James
Head of Digital, Rat & Boa
Certainly is an AI-powered Chat bot building solution for retail and fashion brands and online shops. eCommerce corner is an online webinar for customer care insights.
Nadin Kempel Sigh
Head of Customer Service, Tiger of Sweden

What’s on the agenda

This will be an immersive, open conversation with a live Q&A session, so come ready to learn from our panelists and have your questions answered! They’ll be focusing on:

How to tackle scalability and supply chain issues during peak seasons
How to make customers feel valued and how to keep them engaged
How technology can alleviate the strain on customer service teams
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