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Deliver unbeatable experiences with Certainly and Dixa

Strengthen your customer relationships while also reducing your agents' workload with the incredible benefits of the Certainly x Dixa integration.

Use Conversational AI to empower your customer service, quickly resolve customer inquiries, and provide first-level support 24/7.


Certainly and Dixa Full integration

Real-time handover

Dixa is a conversational customer engagement platform designed for customer-centric team

Dixa's mission is to create friendships between businesses and their customers by giving your agents the solution they have been looking for. With Dixa, you can deliver fast, efficient, and effective customer service.

Dixa is built on an agile and open technology architecture, allowing it to integrate with all of your existing technology solutions.

Whatever method your customers choose to contact your company, Dixa's intelligent routing, presence, and workflow capabilities will allow agents to quickly retrieve information, engage in conversation, resolve problems, and deliver exceptional customer service.

That's why Dixa is the Customer Friendship platform.

Elevate your current Dixa support

Certainly and Dixa Full integration

Ready to change the conversation? Certainly.

What benefits does the Certainly x Dixa integration offer?

Provide unmatched customer service

First-level support 24/7

Resolve customer inquiries like complaints, product returns, refunds, and order tracking and tracing instantly.

Speak the language of your customers

Create multilingual support chatbots so your global and local customers are always cared for:

English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and any other language your customers speak

And build customer trust in Dixa:

Keep improving with valuable insights

With tailored analytics reports, you can measure and continuously improve the performance of your AI support chatbot.

Simple ticket creation and handover

Allow your Customer Support bot to handle ticket deflection while your human agents focus on providing the most value to consumers.

Connect in just three easy steps

In only three steps, you can link your chatbot to Dixa and create next-level customer experience with our integrations.


Grab your Dixa Widget integration and API token


Configure your Certainly chatbot


Deploy the solution on your site

Full instructions here
Tiger Of SwedenNadin Kempel Sigh Customer Care Manager

"We need a chatbot because it helps us to be available to our customers 24 hours a day. I would recommend anyone to sign up to Certainly"

SikSilkAna Etxebarria Customer Experience Officer

"I would highlight the ease of communication with your engineers when helping during the development and the fast responses Certainly have always provided."