TOP 25 Artificial Intelligence and Big Data News Publications

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There are many resources for big data news to keep you up to date on developments in the tech industry, which is why we’ve created the TOP AI And Big Data Publications list.

We have gathered top tech publications about latest big data trends including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Machine Learning, Deep Learning and trends in the IT industry.

1. Analytics Insight

Analytics Insight is one of the top tech publications reporting on big data projects, tech trend developments, and achievements made by AI, Big Data and Analytics companies across the globe.

The domain provides daily big data news as well as analysis, opinions, and research reports about robotics, AI, big data and machine learning problems and solutions, Cyber Security, Digital Transformation and much more.

25 AI and Big Data Publications
Source: Analytics Insight


Another of the top tech publications, focusing on AI and big data news is KDnuggets. An authoritative source on AI, ML, data science, and big data trends with over 500,000 unique visitors per month.

The platform was created in 1997 and since then has been edited by Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, who was the first recipient of ACM SIGKDD Service Award in 2000 and was ranked no. 1 in LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Data Science & Analytics.

Excellent tutorial materials, courses, webinars and online events make this platform a comprehensive source of knowledge.

One of the best Artificial Intelligence Publications

3.MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review, with 120 years of experience in reporting on technology and innovation. This publication is one of the most authoritative resources providing reliable and up-to-date information.

The site focuses on creating approachable for everyone big data news analysis, business reports, reviews, and essays. This top tech publications 3.5 million followers demonstrate the high level of expertise and authority of the editors.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Publication

4. Inside Bigdata

Inside Big Data provides big data news, reports, white papers, podcasts, and job postings within the fields of Big Data, AI, ML, and Deep Learning.

It is for data scientists as well as IT and business professionals. Readers also have access to interviews with researchers and business executives who provide insight into tech research and their daily work.

News, reports within the fields of Big Data, AI, ML, and Deep Learning


Dataversity creates educational resources on implementation and the management of data for businesses and IT professionals.

The site keeps users up-to-date about big data news, data conferences, and live webinars. If you are interested in big data trends, you can apply for online courses related to big data projects and data governance.

Big Data World Publication


Datafloq is one of the top tech publications that’s a great source for big data news, blockchain and AI.

Dr Mark van Rijmenam, the founder of the website, is a globally recognized speaker, adviser and influencer. He is also the author of the bestselling book “Think Bigger – Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business”.

You can join the Datafloq forum to exchange knowledge on big data projects. Users have a chance to publish their articles too, providing an excellent opportunity for exposure within the field.

A great source for Big Data Analytics, Blockchain


Founded in Berlin, Dataconomy focuses on big data news, expert opinions, and events within data-driven technology.

The “conversation” section hosts interviews with founders and executives of top tech companies, providing insight big data and machine learning application in different sectors.

The platform also connects professionals to relevant companies by posting employment opportunities on the job board.

News, expert opinions, events within data-driven technology


Datanami details the latest big data news and big data trends for its readers, focusing on sectors such as academia, biosciences, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and science.

The site is available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Korean and Spanish, providing a hub for data scientists to connect on big data projects around the world.

The latest news and trends in Data Science, AI and advanced Analytics Data.

9.Data Science Central

Data Science Central is an educational resource for Big Data practitioners providing educational materials and IT, AI, deep learning, and big data trends.

For those who prefer audio learning, the site offers podcast series on problems related to big data projects, AI, ML and others. You can also join Data Science Central forum-based support to facilitate your ideas and work.

An educational resource for Big Data practitioners providing learning materials and IT, AI, Deep Learning, and Data Science trends.

10.Database Trends And Applications

This magazine make the top tech publications list for covering data management, big data news, and data science.

It includes downloadable white papers on companies’ big data and machine learning, tech solutions, business guides, and data application and management.

Data and Information Management, Big Data, and Data Science.


The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences is a large international community of 12,500 professionals and students from 90 countries.

The organization connects its users to big data news, research, conferences, and educational sources in operations research, management sciences, analytics, engineering, IT, and others.

Educational sources in Operations Research, the Management Sciences, Analytics

12.Analytics Vidhya

“Vidhya” meansknowledge or clarity and Analytics Vidhya focuses on providing knowledge and career guidance to Data Science professionals.

As the creators believe in self-practice, you can access tips and tricks related to big data and machine learning, business analytics, and case studies of big data projects and their analytical solutions.

Tips and tricks related to Data Science, ML, or Business Analytics


Distill is an academic journal for big data and machine learning research. This top tech publications USP is acting as a platform to educate yourself and publish your work.

Contributors are encouraged to go beyond traditional academic forms and find a unique way to communicate about science. Moreover, Distill offers a prize for outstanding ideas in ML and related fields.

If you think that your big data project provides a new perspective, clarifies things, or you created a useful tutorial you can submit your candidacy for the prize.

An academic journal for Machine Learning research.

14.IBM Developer

Developer IBM is an excellent resource for anyone interested in coding, packed with open source code, instructional tutorials, and tools videos.

In one place, you have access to security and compliance information, speed and reliability and support, big data news, and advice from a community of expert developers.

AI and coding publication

15.AI Trends

AI Trends helps you to be up–to–date with the latest big data trends. Big data news in efficiently collected into one easy-to-use platform.

With more than 2000 studies, this archive includes interviews with tech professionals working for companies such as Uber, Thomson Reuters, or SAP.

The latest AI trends publication

16.Machine Intelligence Research Institute

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) is a non-profit research organization studying the mathematical foundation for safe and reliable application of Artificial Intelligence.

The blog includes analysis of problems and solutions to show the reader obstacles related to big data projects and building responsible AI.

The mathematical foundation for safe and reliable application of Artificial Intelligence.

17.AI Playbook

Andreessen Horowitz, also known as 16z, was founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. As the founders understand the hardship of building a successful tech company, they aim to make the process easier for others.

The platform offers an approachable information for those who are involved in creating and managing software, as well as big data news and trends.

AI publication for those who create and manage software and search for information how to benefit from AI.  

18.MIT News

MIT News, straight from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology aims to promote education, research and innovation.

The platform mostly communicates the institutes announcements, community events, and students and staff achievements.

The big data news section is a great source of information about recent big data projects from MIT alum.

Promote education, research and innovation at MIT

19.Science Daily

ScienceDaily is on the list of top tech publications to follow for the latest news research. The research is divided into 12 sections and more than 500 different topics.

They cover physical sciences and technology, business, education and big data news. They feature big data trends from around the world, and since the news are divided into specific topics, you will find news relevant to you in one place.

the latest news research in AI and Big Data


Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research is working with businesses to develop cutting-edge AI solutions. Emerj’s rich content is a useful source of knowledge for everyone just starting their journey with AI.

This publication offers in-depth case studies on big data and machine learning applications in marketing, finance, security, and other sectors. Moreover, podcast interviews highlight the iconic figures in business and big dat news.

A useful source of knowledge for everyone interested in AI.


R-bloggers is a blog aggregate of content shared by a community working with the R language and open-source software for statistical software and Data Analysis.

You can also add content and connect with other data professionals. Content is not limited to the R language exclusively, more general topics related to big data news and big data projects are covered too.

R language and open-source software knowledge for statistical software and Data Analysis.

22.Journal Of Artificial Intelligence Research

Another of the top tech publications worth your attention is Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, established in 1993 as one of the first scientific research journals on the internet.

This open-access journal has an editorial focus on all aspects of AI, including automated reasoning, natural language, big data and machine learning, robotics and vision.

This publication is an outstanding source of big data news for its high standard and original articles.

One of the first scientific research journals on the internet.


Jaxenter is all about big data news, views and tutorials related to Java, Machine Learning, Development and Operations. This top tech publications tutorials were created by the experts, with detailed descriptions and visual representations.

The platform accepts tutorials for publications accompanied by a $50 charity donation! You can share your skills in big data projects and at the same time support a good cause.

News, views and tutorials related to Java, Machine Learning, Development and Operations. 


Hunch is led by John Langford, who holds a PhD in Computer Science and works on big data and machine learning for Microsoft.

He calls Hunch an “experiment in the application of a blog to academic research in Machine Learning and learning theory”.

The founder welcomes everyone from the field to contribute to the blog with original articles, studies, and big data news.

A blog for academic research in Machine Learning and learning theory.


Analytics Magazine is published by INFORMS. This top tech publications distributor is the leading international association for professionals working on Operations Research and Analytics.

With an editorial focus on data analytics, big data and machine learning. Written by academics as well as professionals working, the platforms resources are a good source for the latest big data news.

The leading international association for professionals working on Operations Research and Analytics.

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